I’m Avalon Greene, historian and writer. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember – never got tired of it. I always preferred writing to speaking, where I felt one had to make extra efforts. Writing always came so easily for me.

I am now officially an adult, though my mind still seems childish. I’m Asian, from this colourful third-world country called India. I write in many genres – prose and poetry, both. I also read both. So, you’re an avid writer? You got my attention!

I read a lot of books, take too many photographs, and manage some sewing and embroidery. My majored in History, my favourite subject since the sixth grade. I’m a big fan of music. I listen mostly to English music, but I’m also open to suggestions for other languages, whether I can understand them or not.

Right now, I’m trying to juggle my career with my writing. I actually want to make both of them work at once, which I know I’ll achieve some day. I just have to wait and execute my duties like I was cut out for. There are so many people in my life who have life easier for me and to whom I owe my existence to-day.

“Parchments of the Times Past” is a blog about my thoughts and perceptions on life as I see it. This is my third blog on WordPress; it is History-themed and you can find all the small research work I keep inspiring myself to do from time-to-time.

In this blog, I shall be posting my small research articles about events in History, right from the ones you’ve heard a lot about to ones you may never had. If that interests you, you could stay behind, click on that tiny yet significant follow button below, and start learning History as I know it. Who knows, maybe it’ll help you in that pop-quiz your teacher/professor might suddenly spring on you?

I promise you’ll have a lot of fun here at Parchments of the Times Past. I shall have some fun and interesting content to come out with every week and you can tell me whether it’s factually right or wrong.


Chorus: Deal!


The Young Foreigner“, my fantasy adventure fictional story is the highlight of my life – it’s definitely not the first story I’ve ever written, but was the first one that I had finished with a lot more than just a little satisfaction. I fangirl about it so much, I’m sure someone will have become bored with it by now! I’d love to see that series sitting on the bookshelves in my country some day. Oh, and it’s also currently available for purchase on Amazon Store as Kindle and paperback!

Thank you all and have a nice day!

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