Balkanatolia – A New Continent Rediscovered?

While researching for another article for this very blog, I came across a very instresting phenomenon, a news that popped up from February of this year (2022).

A new continent called Balkanatolia had been unearthed earlier this year by a team of geologists and palaentologists consisting of Turkish, French, and Americans. It is considered to have been a forgotten continent, laying low for centuries, blissfully undiscovered. It is said that it existed around 50 million years ago (during the Eocene epoch), situated in such a way that it separated Europe from Asia. The team found out that it was inhabited by flowers and animals that can neither be found on Asia nor on Europe!

It is possibly a forgotten continent; it has been named “Balkanatolia”, because its discovery to-day spans a region that covers the Balkans and Anatolia.

This is great news to the history and the biological world! I myself was fascinated and was driven to learn more about it.

Here are some sources I have found so far:

  1. Balkanatolia – Wikipedia
  2. Balkanatolia: the forgotten continent that sheds light on the evolution of mammals | CNRS
  3. Balkanatolia: Forgotten Continent Discovered by Team of Paleontologists and Geologists (
  4. Balkanatolia: The insular mammalian biogeographic province that partly paved the way to the Grande Coupure – ScienceDirect

Stay tuned for more history!



This month, I became a published author!

My young adult fantasy adventure novel, “The Young Foreigner“, is now out on Amazon as both ebook and paperback. You can purchase your copy here!

The experience was amazing! I love and hated every part of the publishing process! I’ll perhaps make an article about it for people like me who’re considering self-publishing route. Of course, I myself had to do some research to finally arrive at this decision.

The ebook came out on 4th December 2019, whereas the paperback on 12th December. You can now buy them on Amazon in the link mentioned above! I particularly made efforts to format my manuscript and publish it as a physical copy for people like me who’d prefer them.

That’s all for now. See y’all in my next post!


To-day’s article is not much to do with History, but……………….



I first started writing and posting this story on Wattpad exactly three years ago, completed it in around four or five months, and then, kept it stagnant for two and a half years, before I resurrected it once again from the depths of my computer in order to make an attempt at finally publishing it. I tried a little querying, but that didn’t work. Granted I didn’t put extra efforts, because I wanted control over my story and wanted to give it in its vulnerable form to those I trusted. In the meantime, I had been trying to promote it on my blogs and other websites, to gain readership. It worked, I guess, because my reads increased slowly but surely.

Then, three months ago, I had a sudden inspiration to publish it (owing to a contest that required a Kindle book) and so, I started reading it. Nearly every line I read made my skin crawl. I don’t mean to say that my writing was horrible. It was actually pretty good. But then, it didn’t match how I had originally intended the message in the story to show and did the opposite instead. So, I decided that I had to rewrite almost fully. I did. It was read and edited thrice by three different sources.

And finally, this morning, it was complete. I submitted the copy as a Kindle version.

For those who don’t have a Kindle (even I don’t; I prefer paperback), don’t worry, a paperback will be following soon after my exam is done. It’ll be released by the end of the year. Originally, I had intended for both to release together, but the Kindle itself had so much to understand and do that I decided that the paperback could wait, since only the Kindle was urgent.

That is the story of my debut. If any of you is interested, the release date of Kindle is 04 December 2019. But, you can pre-order it here. It’s young adult fantasy adventure and this genre interests you, please consider buying a copy.

Thank you so much! See you all in my next update!